Guests are invited to 4 continuous days of activities from 10th of Nov. to 13th of Nov., activities includes the following:

Date/Time Main Location Guide
11/10 - 11/11 | 13:30 Registration Regent Taipei MIC 2013 Formal Registration
11/11 | 13:30~14:00 International Press Conference Regent Taipei International artistry collaboration announcement
11/11 | 14:00~16:30 Panel Regent Taipei International showcase & business collaboration panel
11/11 | 19:00~22:30 Showcase ATT Show Box International showcase
11/12 | 10:00~17:00 Business Meetings Regent Taipei Organize post-meeting collaboration methods
11/12 | 19:00~21:00 Farewell Party Regent Taipei Farewell Dinner
11/12 | 21:00~Open Live House Taipei City Venue Individual and group performances
11/13 | 10:00~14:00 Business Meetings Regent Taipei Organize post-meeting collaboration methods

Sharing the ideology of urban cross-industry and cross-regional collaboration tours; marketing and innovating brands; expansion through IT platforms; education of Pop Music; to embody interchange and collaboration ideas.

Topic Guest Speaker Briefing(check for update on topics and guests)
International City Tours - Propagation of Innovation Host / Zana Capital Host will summarize the effect of city alliances through commercial tours; utilizing and innovating digital media with cross-region commercial tours; introducing new brands and market.
Chinese Digital Music Development China Audio & Video Association The expert of Chinese music industry will share the insights of the overall development of Chinese digital music market, meanwhile explain the related government policy direction in the future.
midem Academy - Education/Business/Exhibit/Resource midem / Host Midem group will explain their unique industry white paper; such as potential financial sectors; and China Records’ future collaboration in the Mandarin music industry.
Conceptual Ideology of Stage Design Anders Hagstrom / Host Anders Hagstrom of Sweden will present his masterpieces, and discuss future concepts of possible design collaborations in the global/greater China region.
Investment Chances in Education and Music Entertainment Market Zana Capital / Host Briefing of CEO in finance and senior managers in relevant industries, evaluates the investment potential of education and music entertainment market through the point of view from the most professional Singaporean investment group.

Collaboration of international music artists; DJ’s, and Golden Melody Award winners and nominees to perform and insert melodious Classical Lounge & Pop Supremacy exhibits in the urban icon of Riverside Live House. Presenting the world the new wave of collaboration of artists via cross-regional tours.

Classical Lounge
New-era of chill out Classical Lounge
O-Kai A Capella, Salamander & Chamber Music, Voco Novo A Cappella Group

‧ Resurgence and contemporary definition of classical lounge

‧ To entice 60 million Mandarin market and promote new wave of melodious arts

Pop Supremacy
Flow of Pop Supremacy
Tanya Chua, FAMOUS, A-bin, MATZKA, Go Chic

‧ Showcases by award winners and nominees, purified harmony to cure the urban life torments

‧ Creative exhibits of Mandarin singers,pre-gathering for future cross regional stage-shows!

Genres:Classical Lounge & Pop, operate in coordinations with high-tech filming and digital advertisement.
Performance Date and Location: 11/11 19:00 - 22:30 | ATT Show Box, Taipei

Classical Lounge New-era of chill out Classical Lounge

  • O-Kai

  • Salamander

  • Voco Novo A Cappella Group

Pop Supremacy Flow of Pop Supremacy

  • Tanya Chua


  • A-bin


  • Go Chic